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What is your opinion on Les Supremes? Senior or junior, doesn't matter to me, or just in general? How about Nexxice? :) I feel like there's always so little talk about the Canadian teams, or maybe I just always miss it lol

I really like Nexxice! They’re one of my favorite teams because of their amazing skating skills. I remember watching them at worlds last year, and they were so quiet on the ice (no toe picks!) and they had such nice knee bend. They also have great speed and flow. I do think that their dresses could be improved on. I understand that with the black tights it helps the guy to blend in, but it’s getting a little bit repetitive, in my opinion. Also, I feel like their programs are pretty - just so boring at times. They have amazing skating, I just wish they would skate to something more… Exciting? I’m not sure.

As for les supremes (Junior), I think that their programs this year were very well done. I really like how they capture the nuances in the music with the choreography, especially in the long. I just feel like their two programs were just a /little/ too similar. I do realize that they were different, it’s just that they were both kind of like, edgy and dark (maybe not the right word but I hope you know what I mean), which was especially apparent with how their dresses for the long and short were very similar. I do like their style of skating a lot, though, but it would be very impressive if they could cover many different like genres of music that were different. I think that their style of skating does fit these types of music well, but I wish we could have seen them skate to something different.

Also, thanks for asking me this! I LOVE when people ask me things :)

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